How to choose the right type of garage door for you

Choosing the right garage door for your personal requirements is essential. But, with so many types on the market, how do you know which one is best? Wether you're considering an upgrade on your existing door, or wanting a completely new garage door, Broadmark Doors are committed to helping you choose the right door for you. Here is our comprehensive [...]

A comprehensive guide to garage door security

With attempted break-ins across the UK rising, and homeowners constantly upgrading their home security systems, it's surprising how often garage security is overlooked. Sufficient garage door security is essential for your house, especially when the garage is used to store valuables such as cars, power tools or gym equipment. Due to the high likelihood of storing these items in the [...]

How garage door insulation could save you money in 2024

What if we told you that a simple upgrade to an insulated garage door could be the key to keeping your home warmer and your energy bills lower? As energy costs continue to climb nationwide, an area of your home that often gets overlooked is your garage. If you're considering whether or not your garage door requires enhanced insulation, speak [...]

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