A comprehensive guide to garage door security

With attempted break-ins across the UK rising, and homeowners constantly upgrading their home security systems, it’s surprising how often garage security is overlooked.

Sufficient garage door security is essential for your house, especially when the garage is used to store valuables such as cars, power tools or gym equipment. Due to the high likelihood of storing these items in the garage, garages have become a prime target for break-ins, and despite this they often represent a weak spot in home security.

Unfortunately, break-ins happen to both attached and detached garages, and insufficient security could make your door the perfect target.

At Broadmark Doors, we are passionate about helping our customers keep their property secure through the use of security features.

But why is a secure garage door so important, and what are the best ways to keep your garage safe in 2024?

Garage break-ins

Locks, alarms and cameras are commonly found within homes, but what about your garage?

Many garage doors are single-skin, metallic up-and-over doors, which are the perfect target for burglars. They are easily kicked, dented and prised open, allowing access in to your garage and therefore your belongings.

Single-skin or wooden garage doors can also be fairly easily broken into using easily accessible leverage points and simple tools such as a crowbar.

Improperly-fitted roller shutter garage doors might have slight gaps at the bottom, meaning they can be prised open using a car jack.

Example of a break-in, double garage doors

But I have a lock on my garage door…

With most garage doors featuring either built-in locks or thick padlocks, it’s easy to see why many people assume they have a secure garage door. However, these locks can easily be cut off using bolt cutters, picks or drills.


How to keep your garage door secure

Do you feel as though your garage door security could be better? It may be time for a new door. To ensure the maximum level of garage security, the team at Broadmark Doors recommend the following:

Strong material

Opting for steel or aluminium provides extra protection due to durability. These materials are less easily damaged by commonly-used tools, and therefore make for great, secure garage doors.

Want to further protect your garage? Choose a twin-skinned steel or aluminium door, and make sure you choose an infill.

Choose a door with minimal leverage points

Choosing a garage door with fewer leverage points means maximising the chances of your door withstanding an attempted robbery.

Great examples of secure garage doors include an outward-swinging double side hinged door, a roller shutter, or a sectional overhead door.

Roller shutter garage door

Consider a door with an embedded lock

Some internally-fitted garage doors have a lock embedded into their motor. This is an excellent security advantage, as it provides an extra layer of protection compared with your standard garage door lock.

Keep your door well-maintained

Like any other part of your home, garage doors require maintenance. A well-maintained door is less likely to develop vulnerabilities or weaknesses, meaning less chance of a burglar breaking in.

For example, rust and corrosion on a door’s working components can make it easier to damage. Speak to our team of experts at Broadmark Doors about garage door maintenance.

An inspection should be carried out once a year by a professional who can look for signs of wear on the door’s frame, locks and hinges, and ensure your garage door lasts longer.

Security features should be properly installed and maintained regularly, ensuring your door stays in optimal condition, and minimising unexpected security risks.

Always remember to shut and lock your garage door

Okay so this might sound obvious, but it’s easily done!

Always remember to shut the door to your garage when you’re leaving your home or going to sleep. This is essential, as locking your door properly could save you in the long run.

If your garage is connected to your house, it’s equally as important to lock the door leading from your garage to the inside of your house to keep your living space safe.

New garage door, connected to home

Extra garage door security methods

So, your garage door is now made of strong material, durable and has a reliable locking system, but you’re wondering if there’s more you can do in terms of security features. Great news! At Broadmark Doors, we are committed to providing security advice that goes beyond your garage door. Here are our top tips:


Most electric shutter or sectional overhead garage doors purchased from a reputable supplier come with a built-in alarm system. However, if your door doesn’t, it’s worth installing one as an extra layer of added security.

With alarm systems, you have 2 options. You can opt for a professional to install an alarm into your mains, or you can purchase one online and have this connected to your mains. Either way, having in alarm in place will provide you with that extra peace of mind when it comes to your garage.


Insufficiently-lit garage doors are far more susceptible to attempted robberies due to being hidden from the sight of property owners and neighbours at night. To tackle this potential problem, installing an outdoor light with a motion-sensor is essential, and when activated by movement this will serve as a deterrent.

Alternatively, smart lighting systems can be used to give the impression that somebody is in the garage. These can be used on a timer through your home WiFi and an app, and staggered throughout different times of the day to deter potential burglars from targeting your home.

Well-lit, secure garage door

Hide your valuables

If you’re storing valuable items in your garage and potential burglars know it, they’re far more likely to attempt to enter and gain access to your belongings.

To drastically reduce the chances of being targeted, ensure your belongings are not on display. It’s always a good idea to install curtains or blinds to cover garage windows, and try to keep valuable items away from the door if possible.

Consider adding a security camera

Adding a security camera is an excellent deterrent for potential thieves. If you already have security cameras protecting your home, it could be worth ensuring they also cover your garage door.

Tip: use security cameras on the outside of your garage door to deter burglars, but also on the inside for more extensive monitoring of your personal belongings.

Installed cctv surveillance camera, cctv, secured


To summarise, we know that garage door security is overlooked, and we understand the risks associated with insufficient garage door security. Investing in a new garage door could be the key to increasing the safety of your personal items, deterring thieves, and giving you peace of mind.

You can trust Broadmark Doors to work with you to determine the most suitable garage door for your home, and provide you with excellent service throughout.

Ensuring we provide you with the best service possible is important to us, and that’s why we like to make the process stress-free and simple.

We offer a free survey to assess your personal requirements. You can request your free survey via our website, or contact us on 01384 889779 to arrange a time that suits you.

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